The Ostomy Dating Site For Ostomates

What happens next is up to you..


What is OstoDate?

OstoDate was the world's first dating site for ostomates that has since evolved into a social network serving the Chrohn's community. Established in 2005, Ostodate provides a platform where friendships can blossom. OstoDate's mission is to reassure single Crohn's sufferers and Ostomates that there really can be love after an Ostomy. As well as serving Osotmates, OstoDate also offers a social network aspect for those Ostomates who are not single to find new friendship and support new members.

Love after an Ostomy?

Although we are now a community, new single Ostomates ask the same question. Will having an ostomy effect my dating? Hell no! We are here to tell you that there are millions of Ostomates around the world who are happily married or in a happy loving relationship. What people do not realise is the fact that most single people are single due to attitudes and not making a concerted effort. You can ask yourself why there are literally 10,000's of dating sites around the globe? Ladies and Gentlemen, you have to be in it to win it. Join OstoDate now and make even more friends and who knows, maybe find that special someone.