Ostomy and Crohn's Dating in Wirral, Cheshire - Amyyy1987

Wirral, Cheshire, United Kingdom
In my own words:

My name is Amy, i've got crohns and have had it since i was 12. Ive also got an illeostomy which ive had since i was 15. Im not very good at this kind of thing really but im having trouble finding people who understand why i am the way i am, i dont do sympathy and i hate fuss!! I intend to live my life to the best i can and i just find people who dont live with complications like mine tend to treat me differently which does my head in! i'm a huge Liverpool fan and I love listening to music doesnt matter what type really its better than tv!! also anyone who can play an acoustic guitar will make my day :) I love sharing my experiences with others it really interests me finding new people to talk to.