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I grew up in the NYC, lives in TX. I strive to be a polymath. I have 3 degrees, the most interesting of which is in Culinary Arts. I am currently finishing my MBA. I have a giant dog, who is a floppy cuddly mess in general. I work with computers, and enjoy travelinG. (I'm a certified Divemaster),board games, cooking (seriously, I cook a lot) and most anything creative. I'm not especially religious, and generally open minded and "try anything once"/"Live and let live" kind of personality.I definitely take the "build relationship from a strong friendship" approach. So let's have a conversation first, see if we actually like each other. I don't have a list of "You must be ". I like interesting people, from strippers to ministers, from professional comediennes to federal prosecutors... I would rather get to know you, and see what happens...

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