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Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
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6' 2" 
Light brown 
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Let's give this a shot...

Born on the Island and moved to the Sunshine Coast where I was a bit of a feral kid, running around the woods and spending a lot of time in the ocean. Once I hit high school I discovered I'm a huge geek. Got hooked pretty strongly on comics, D&D, video games... all that stuff and haven't looked back. That's also when I discovered what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, television. Barely escaped school and came to Vancouver to study and would up working in broadcast news and haven't looked back.

Had a brief hiccup along the way as when I was 21 and just out of BCIT I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. That landed me in the hospital for a stint and a year on government disability. There's nothing that will teach you humility and compassion faster than having to try to exist on the scraps that the government gives the most vulnerable of us. It's certainly informed my worldview to a great extent to this day.

Once I got back on my feet, I got back into my career and has been with the same company for the last... Gosh... 18 years. During that time I've bounced around most parts of the Lower Mainland and have settled down in North Burnaby, which I adore. I've got a ton of hiking trails right out my door, which is where I spend a good chunk of my weekends.

Still a huge geek, returned to playing tabletop games after a long hiatus, particularily Dungeons and Dragons, I've been running a game for my friends every week for almost two years. If you've never tried it, it's a great creative outlet. Part board game, part acting, tons of fun.
Movie nut as well, also the symphony. I go to those on a pretty regular basis and love that the VSO now hosts movies where they play the score live to films like Raiders of the Lost Ark or the Harry Potter series.

I've got two cats named after famous scientists, will drive for hours to visit penguins in Seattle and the best part of my job is the weekly pet adoption segment I get to direct.

Well, that's enough of a confessional for now I think... Oh, and I among my tattoos I have a large TARDIS, so bonus if you know what that is!

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