Redlands, California, United States
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Hi, I am a single working mom, who has decided that I have raised my 22 y/o son into a great young man & now it's time for me! I have a great sense of humor, love reading, cooking, baking bread, camping, walking, movies, music, etc.!! I'm currently out on medical leave; I had a revision done on my stoma in April. Stitches tore through after 3 days, so they went in & did open abdominal surgery, stoma got fixed but I got a horrible wound infection & almost died May 28th! I saw a bright golden light & all my dead relatives & friends!! :(
I still have a small hole & tunnel that won't heal; they may have left a stitch in there! I'm waiting on cat-scan results to see if I need ANOTHER surgery to remove it! Scared to go under the knife AGAIN! I have already had 10 abd surgeries!

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