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Saint Louis, Missouri, United States
Body type:
6' 2" 
Light brown 
Caucasian (white) 
Arts, Cooking, Crafts, Dining, Family, Gaming, Gardening, Health / Fitness, Listening to music, Movies, Photography, Playing sports, Playing music, Reading, Travel, Watching sports 
In my own words:

I know what I want in a woman. I would like someone who is as equally serious about me as I am about them.
I'd like a balanced relationship. A person who can deal with everyday stress, like working and money, yet doesn't get so distracted they lose touch with the relationship. BALANCE is key :-

I WILL GIVE A WOMAN MY ALL! 100% is the least a man should do for a woman who he cares for.

People who feel the need to lie and cheat, need not apply. If at any point in a relationship one feels the need to do so, just do the other a favor and break it off clean. No one deserves to be mislead and drug around emotionally.

I'd like to meet a woman who has a great and functional relationship with their family. Family is very important to me. Both my family as well as theirs'.

I am goal oriented. I love to push myself to the limit and beyond. Very outgoing and funny. Quick with the wit and love to laugh. Although, there are times to be serious.

I would love to meet someone who lives close to me, but I understand that can't always be the case and I'm ok with that.

I moved here from Cedar Rapids, Iowa five years ago. I am a Des Moines, Iowa native.

I have five sisters and am the second youngest.

If you're respectable, honest, and a caring woman, please send me a vibe.

I would like to connect with the right one, surpass the bar scene and unintelligent settings, which lead to nowhere. I escaped dangerous situations and toxic relationships by physically leaving those environments. I'm in this full force to find my soul mate and a female version-bestfriend of/to me. Yes, I was dealt some unfavorable cards in the last decade+ years so far, but I'm playing this hand with all my chips on the table and have the confidence and determination to locate the woman of my ultimate dreams. Hopefully by coincidence and fate take me/us there. I have so much to offer and will present my 100% every effort.

This by far is coming from my heart.

I will not embellish anything about my life to try to attract a mate. For I am as honest and hardworking as they come. I am extremely proud of who and where I am in life. I am looking for someone just as true and real as I am.

I'd like to be at a place with a woman where we could hear one another, and not some loud annoying bar. You can never go wrong with outside!

If the woman was down, I think we could really have great conversation, and get to know one another, during a workout; a great way to support, encourage, and connect! :-P

Even a simple walk around the neighborhood. Or better yet, to a state park, like Castlewood. That might be a real enjoyable first date.... to a place where we are not face to face, seated, yet mobile and walking around; connecting with nature and hopefully each other! :)

Thank you for your time.



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Wow Corey, I read your profile and you are absolutely adorable. Too bad you are the same age as my son and that I could be your mother because I would scoop you up! Good luck in your search! Ps I have a beautiful 28 year old daughter

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