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Cardiff, South Glamorgan, United Kingdom
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5' 8" 
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Single / never married 
Computers / Internet, Cooking, Crafts, Dancing, Dining, Family, Listening to music, Movies, Playing music, Theater, Television, Travel 
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I am that person that corrects your grammar & spelling, most of the time :P

I have a broad music taste but mainly Country so you need to at least tolerate it to be my friend or more irl! :P

If you're not liking what you're reading then stop now.

Don't say I didn't warn you ;)

Likes music, science, animals, food & drinks (clearly!), going out with friends & family, staying in, TV/movies & DW :)

Finally going to the US in April to May 2019 for a bucket list holiday after my Crohn's journey with my sister with her heart disease journey as who knows how long we have left!
Getting to see the usual tourism spot in NY, Washington, Chicago then starting a route 66 road trip to make sure we hit all the places we've always dreamed like Nashville and Reba's birth place of Oklahoma then Last Vegas to try to catch her with Brooks & Dunn before then finishing with Hollywood then San Fran for where Charmed was filmed and the famous prison night tour, woooow!
Can you tell I'm dying to get to the US?! :P

My Crohn's summary:

It's a long story but I'll try to not make it a novel so I hope your sitting comfortably ...

I was always told I had IBS as a kid and suffered with that seeing doctors now and again, I fell on black ice in 2009 when I was 17 where I broke my coccyx and perforated my bowel but all doctors were like "you've just broken your coccyx, it's painful and will take time but there is nothing we can do! Here's a script for stronger that behind the counter painkillers and a sick note for your time off work and college"!
Then a couple weeks later my family took me into a&e because I couldn't take anymore where I waited hrs writhing and crying in pain. I finally had a CT to find the perforated bowel and it was much worse than they realised (life threatening) where I was rushed in for emergency surgery. After a few surgeries and blood transfusions, it was decided by the consultant that I needed a "temporary" colostomy due to all the surgeries on my bowel and risk of infection that was said to be for 6 months to a year.
4 years later, my stoma was reversed as I was all healed and apparently healthy (or so I appear when the had my much missed stoma) and then I had what was though to be post surgery recovery complications with pain when I ate or didn't eat so went on a liquid diet for a bit until after referred for a CT I was officially diagnosed with terminal ileum Crohn's disease where across 3 years I was on Azathioprine, various steroids, Humira and a few others I can't think of right now then surgery to remove that part of my ileum in November 2016.
Was in remission for a bit I think but then I saw my doctor in August just gone and he said going by the finding of my colonoscopy in June it's back so who knows how long it has been back...
I'm now on a few tablets which I prefer to the powders to attempt to manage my chronic diarrhoea and then the main treatment for my ileum itself is ENTYVIO/Vedolizumab which seems promising but only just started.

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