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Gillette, New Jersey, United States
In my own words:

Talkative, but also a good listener. The best friends I have, I have had for most of my life. I love to travel, mostly by just driving. Spontaneous, love to laugh, love my children, family and friends, love animals, love my horses, dogs and cats and of course Love God and Jesus. I can get down, but usually I just need to talk to the special people in my life and I bounce back. Something that I have heard about myself my whole life is that I am a sensitive soul who is wise beyond my years. I am a Nurse and to be complete I need to be helping people and animals. Something interesting about me or "weird" as some people think, is that I love Cemeteries. I find them very beautiful, peaceful, and I feel a sense of peace when I am walking through one. I also love taking pictures of headstones, there are some very interesting and unique ones out there. I also take pictures of graves for people who have loved ones buried near me, but far from them. It is another way for me to fulfill