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Dating info is below. Not ignoring messages, am unable to post on wall & photos. If you're a female I friend it's to see if you've gone thru similar medical as me to seek advice or help you.

Must cope until my 15 & 16th surgery can be done in November. I have an ileostomy. Having a very tough time since mesh was used twice. Many horrific complications now & I get charlie-horses behind my stoma. Seeking advice from anyone who's dealing with same. Joined this site in hopes to speak to people who've gone thru ostomy & mesh complications. Fighting to get the mesh removed. Things spiraled down quickly. Im in unholy horrific pain & no one is allowing me anything for the pain. I'd like to get back to my life asap & be done with all this. Any females who've experienced these things are welcome to talk to me. After a surgery went terribly wrong I was left with internal bleeding & my colon was damaged at that time. It's been removed along with part of the small intestine & I get recurring hernias. There was much internal bleeding, damage, & neglect. The mesh tore my muscle wall open again as it migrated & curled causing more pain. Dating has been difficult as I cant get out much. Miss doing things I once loved to do. So I'm changing that day by day. Best two books I've read are LAWS OF ATTRACTION (very helpful!) I recommend reading it. It's about the powers of the Universe. Also, AND IF I PERISH, Army nurses on the frontlines of wwII. WWII photography is impressive & I enjoy seeing photos taken back then.

Would like to make a love connection ultimately, tho I won't settle or fall in love on the internet. Must meet & get a sense of your energy & discover who you are in person. A man who's familiar with these medical issues &/or is understanding would be a plus.

Things I enjoy: writing, photography, art, reading WWII stories told from the soldiers, dancing, sketching & designing homes, dirtbikes, swimming, creating beautiful flower gardens, watching movies, watching lightning storms at night at times, fishing & enjoying the mountains, laughing & hanging out with my kids! They keep me in laughter & good spirits. My son wants to go to college soon but has stayed with me not to abandon me in this situation. He's an awesome kid. In near future he'll be off to college & I'll be starting a new journey in life....

I mostly enjoy writing. Its peaceful & nice to go out in nature & do photography. Im creative & I enjoy painting. Very rarely drink! Smoke when in pain. Life has changed dramatically for me. Not sure what what road I'll be on next in my life but im reaching goals slowly & haven't given up! I have a lot of heart & am a deep person. Had an adventurous childhood.

Seeking life with a man who'd have my back. Who's chest I can rest my head on & close my eyes with ease & not have to be so tough for a little while, & he just knows when to pull me close. Love a man who can smile & have fun. A man with honor, integrity, charm, humor, great character, positive energy, & a bit protective, & enjoys conversation is impressive. Can do things spur of the moment & enjoys cooking & cuddling. A guy who wants to merge our dreams together to create a harmonious happy life together. Unable to be a paid member right now..soon. Be great to talk with people who understand the medical & hardships that go along with it.

At the end of the day it's nice to watch a beautiful sunset with an amazing view where heaven meets Earth. Am happy with the simple things in life.

Just getting started again publishing my writing. My novel is available only on kdp. There's a photo of the cover I created in my photos I posted. If interested, go to amazon.Armor Piercing by Janeal Rae. Scroll down to ebook/Kindle. Would very much like to get my novel noticed more. Books be available soon on amazon-create space. The beginning is violent & there's cursing however it's a good story. In the near future I'll be publishing a more personal book regarding my medical journey & hope it brings helpful advice to those in need. A passion of mine is to one day script write.

Good luck to all of you! Due to protecting my privacy at this time i listed a state where i don't live. Also, not so good with technology, lol, so it may take me a bit to figure this site out. Wishing everyone good health, happiness, & a nice journey in life. Find a partner who lights your heart. Let your new self shine! Wishing everyone more wonderful enjoyable days.

May change my photos & what I write about in my profile from time to time to keep it interesting. At yahoo.. rainfall_rain4me

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Hi Janeal, very Stellar that you and Rtkay are friends =} He's top of the line and like a brother in Spirit =} Hope all is going as well as possible Kind Lady =}

For the record, your eyes show a very beautiful soul =} They say "the eyes are the windows to the Soul" Smile Hope your day goes Super Sweet, just like you Smile

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{{{{Hugs of encouragement}}}} Sorry Janeal, which way to texting therapy?