Luton, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
In my own words:

Recently had my temp op and one of my friends suggested I try Osto Date and see what this dating lark is all about.

Anyway, a little about me lol.....

Im happy go lucky kind of girl that goes with the flow! your generally hear me before you see me .. im not saying im loud i just tend to always be laughing at something or other :) Oh & i smile a lot .. my mum says i must of been born with a coat hanger in my mouth!

Im the most clumsy woman in the world..i could fall over fresh air & then two mins later fall over it again :) i drop things, spill things, break things, tbh im a total nightmare :P ..Im the only one that i know that falls out of bed when im on my own ha ha .

Im a mother hen & tend to put others before myself & that's my biggest fault ive been told

None materialistic at all so if your looking for a dolly bird stop reading! bling or sparkle here!..fake tans,extensions, new trends, crying over a broken nail its not meeee ..

Im loving faithful, honest

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Bassam posted on JennyPenny's wall:

A nice gorgeous lady . Sunglasses


hi JennyPenny, fancy a chat ?

Attila posted on JennyPenny's wall:

Sound slightly mad lol hope your op was ok .had a stomach since 1988 live life to the full never know what tomorrow brings x x