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United Kingdom
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I would like to meet people who understand what its like to live with Chrons or other Abdo problems. I had my colostomy in April 16 and find it better, I also had AP reconstruction and a proctectomy though I do struggle with my thougjts sometimes regarding how I see myself now. I'd like to meet someone who isnt going to get bored when I dont get better quickly , who doesnr question the validity of my illness and who isnt embarrassed by my condition. Its been a long time since I felt cherished and though I am incredibly strong, it would be nice not to have to carry everyone around me, too and just feel loved and still beautiful.
I love Dub music and am heavily into Sound System culture. I have thigh long dreads which I have had since diagnosis in 05. I consider them to be my strength and will never cut them. smoke herb and dont intend to stop😉. I'm non religious with strong views, I love to debate on any issue, read a lot, I love to cook and bake and am quite an adep

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