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Schererville, Indiana, United States
In my own words:

I am a mother of two boys and they are my number one priority. I am outgoing, I say whatever is on my mind and I am always honest. I am known to always have something to say, not always anything of value to the conversation just something random or inappropriate. This does not mean I cannot hold a real conversation or add something of value to the conversation there is a time and place for serious conversations but in most cases it’s not that time. Most mornings I am way to hyper to the point my 10 years old son asks me to take it down a notch. :) I keep people on their toes when they are around me in the morning, because there is no way to really know what I might say or be up to. I have a good amount of tattoos and they are not just art on my skin they are a documentation of my life. So if tattoos are a issue for you sorry I have good amount and plan to get more. Also I am more than the ink on my skin, I can talk about other things. I just graduated with a degree in Accounting and pl