Ostomy and Crohn's Dating in Dayton, New York - Sky

Dayton, New York, United States
In my own words:

I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in April, 2004. I was 15 years old, and had no idea what a great impact this would have on my life. Very rarely I will look back and wonder what could have been if I didn't have this crippling disease. I now know that this disease was a blessing from God. It made me learn about avenues of life that I would have closed my mind to instantly had this never happened. I struggled, but it has made me a more compassionate and humble person because of it.

I'm sure most people think that I am extreme in my thinking but I can honestly say that learning what diet and lifestyle choices were right for me has helped my disease more than any drug ever did. Not only that but it has changed my life for the better, I feel better than I ever did before I was diagnosed with Crohn's. That is why I see my disease as a blessing. I never would have cared so much about health and nutrition otherwise.