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Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
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My name is Tim Perry. I am a retired magazine writer and newspaper reporter most well-known for my past work as feature magazine writer for Art Bell's AfterDark (1998-2010), AD was the former print publication of the top rated late night AM radio talk show, Coast to Coast AM. I am currently living in an apartment in independent living senior center in Eastern Cincinnati.

I joined this ostomy website today. In October 1992,
I had my radical ileostomy with complete removal of my large intestine and rectum. It was a decision I really didn't want to make, because of how radical it was, yet I had already spent several years in-and-out of hospitals and they said colon cancer would very likely result.

Life as a ostomate is a challenge, but as my fellow ostamates know, it is just a matter of adjusting to certain routines and safeguards. I continue to write, and am currently working on several novels in the CIA action adventure genre which I plan to market to a New York publishi

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