Hull, Humberside, United Kingdom
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I'm sorry for the Cig Photo, I don't take alot of myself. I never know what to write on these sites because I feel in order to show I'm genuine & not a player I must go that extra length & effort but then get run down for to much waffle. Maybe I am the last romantic around but to me putting everything on the line says a great deal about a person unlike those who only bother to do a single line or two, To me one must start as one means to go on & putting your back into it genuinely shows the amount of effort you'd put in to make it work cause that's the secret to me, Putting your heart in 100%, I arnt like those who knit pick about hair to short, to long, wrong colour wrong colour eyes or wrong shade and height to tall or short etc etc etc. So many people say they'd give the world to be loved & find a loyal lifetime soul mate etc, yet they spend their lives saying "Why can't I meet someone like that" I think they do but sadly the Internet is their w

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