Ostomy and Crohn's Dating in Atlantic City, New Jersey - VictoriasHope22

Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States
In my own words:

Hi my name is Victoria, I'm 51, single, love to love and love to be loved! Life hasn't been an easy ride and I've endured more then my share of pain and suffering. I ended up getting really sick several years ago and had an emergency surgery to have my colon removed. I am trying so hard to accept and adapt to this new way of life but It's so hard :(

I love trips to the mountains, butterflies, being creative whenever I have the energy or feel inspired, my daughter is my world, she inspires me and keeps me going. I don't get to see her much since we don't live close but she pushes me. I dislike drama and fake people. I love seafood dinners, trips to AC. Life definitely has been different since I got sick. I am hoping to meet a companion. Someone to tell me everything's gonna be alright. Someone to share stories with, support, nurture each other, make each other laugh! Someone who understands my situation and who isn't afraid to love me for me...