Atlanta, New York, United States
In my own words:

I was born and raised in the upper Midwest, but recently moved to Georgia. I'm very excited for this new adventure in my life, but this territory is pretty foreign to me, and thus I would love to meet some people! I am a health nut and animal/nature lover, and can be found singing to the radio while driving. Nutrition, holistic health, anything scientific and nerdy, and exercise are areas of keen interest to me. I also enjoy being active, having intellectual debates, laughing, movies, reading, crafts, and attempting to learn ukulele. I'm straight edge and eat a plant-based diet.

 I'd love to meet some who follows a similarly healthy lifestyle and whom is also a compassionate and accepting soul. It would really be awesome to meet someone whom is aware of holistic health/healing, as I came here to heal some health issues. So, finding someone whom is fully accepting, embracing, and empathetic to the various challenges we all face is definitely a must, as well as having

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