ddesignz, Woman 60  Ottawa Ontario

I wanted to blog about prednisone, the best drug ever for flare ups if you have UC or Crohns, the deadliest drug ever, long term side effects. I was on this drug for close to 8 years, the weight it puts on is incredible depending on your dosage of course. I was always a slender teen and when my doctor started me on it i put on 30 pounds. Keep in mind though when your weened off prednisone you lose all that extra looking weight. Furthermore, after surgery over the course of 8+ years my hearing st…


 Smartbird, Woman 56  Burnley Lancashire

7 weeks post op and just had the most amazing 80's weekend in Southport. George behaved perfectly and I danced the weekend away. Plenty of music for all tastes. Even saw the real Bay City Rollers and Chesney Hawkes. Was a bit frightened that I over did it and hurting a bit today but so glad I went. I'm lucky to be alive and I'm so glad I am. Living with a temporary stoma has took its toll but it's head up and move on. At least I couldn't be in trouble for farting lol