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hi to you all

well been on here a while and not spoke to many was hoping to speak to a few people that have had experience of having and living with a bag just find it so difficult to date with the bag so many men put off by it straight away they run a mile .i can live with it knowing it cant be reversed and so lucky to be here after the terrible 18 months of chemo and radiotherapy and illness but being a positive person i have to believe us baggies will eventually get a life and meet someone who experiences…

Hi new to this site - up for correspondence and possibly date down line..

Hi I joined the site a short while ago. The idea being to maybe chat a bit with a lady and maybe meet up if we got on and it suited us. I have a temporary bag but reversing depends on health progress. I am cool about bags but find it is a bit difficult to conventionally date with them, they have their pro's and con's. I am otherwise used to conventional dating from my past but not with a bag.I have lots of interests and am well educated, able companion. So get in touch. There's no…

Sorting searches

Does anyone know if there is a way to sort out when searching to see what someone is looking for? Like if they are looking for a guy or a girl...anyone have any suggestions? I am looking for a female that is looking for another female. Sorry having to rattle on because this has to have at leat 500 characters and so wish me luck ;p Thanks

Hello all

Hello all, new to the site. So still learning my way around. I am a out going fun loving person. i love to make people laugh. I had my first surgery when i was 10 1/2 hours old, which is when i got my ileostomy and i got my urstomy when i was 4. i had 8 surgerys by the time i was 4. I am looking for other people my age and that have gone through some of the same experiences as I have. I don't tell alot of people about my medical back ground. Why you may ask, cause it doesn't change who…

Hey y'all!

Just wanted to introduce myself to everyone. My name is JR and my stoma's name is Phred. I live in South Florida and I'm interested in meeting women with an ileostomy. What do we do if we ever meet in person? Do we flash our bags like we are cops showing our badges? Is there a secret handshake? Or just smile knowing we can poop anywhere while normal people have to sit and wait. A little about me... I spend most of my time hurting unfortunately my joint pain has me unable to work u…

Hey :)

I am new to this site. I was diagnosed with Colitis in 2000, aged 9. I am currently flaring. I don't have an ostomy but wouldn't mind finding out more about what it's like to live with one in case it does happen one day. Anyone want to chat?

hi new member from london uk

Hi just saying hi from London. Looking for a partner but am happy to chat with anyone, as i have had a real struggle with uc, and maybe can pass on some valuable info to fellow sufferers. Its tough coping on your own. and finding a partner that understands your problems is even harder.

hi im new here

hi im 24 male from wales looking too chat drop me a message


Love to have a date where i did not have to feel bad about haveing a bag , so if your near norwich messages me . had it 10 years still not happy whith it

Hi =)

I have had my urostomy from an early age on and I just wanted to say that it feels so Wonderful to not feel alienated and isolated anymore, like it did before I found out that I am not the only ostomate in my age group =) Growing up I felt like I was the only person my age that had the "ostomy experience" and now it feels so different =)


hello my name is matthew bacon would love to get to know people on here age and gender dosen,t matter i wanna make friends who understand me i am a awesome guy i am very caring and a great friend