MZ.DEVINE, Woman 45  Houston Texas


This morning I received a sign.... I'm suppose to motivate people to live and thats what I'm going to do...I'm not going to go all godly but I will tell you this whatever religion you are dont question your second chance of breathing.... so what you pepe in a bag or poop in one...hell maybe both look down and see what color it is and know it's jus life.... jus think you could be worm food or jus a distant memory.... nope im going to put on my panties or not ‍♀️ And live to breath another day.... you determine who you are and what you will do better.... you can do whatever you want ... this bag or tube doesn't change you.... hell it jus gives you more strength cuz we have to be individuals to get up and deal with this (literally) ...everyday hour minute seconds..... hey so if you read this please tell me how you show your strength dealing with this change

 MZ.DEVINE, Woman 45  Houston Texas


Lately I have been trying to figure out my place in life... Its like I live a double life maybe even triple helll.... u can't let this group of people know of your differences you struggle with because they will treat you like an alien.... so pretend you're jus as strong as them Then on the other side you can't be to independent and happy because you will label as over doing it or XXTRA... because no one is that happy to have a shit bag .... Well I'm jus happy to be alive.... im glad to be able to jus enjoy my kids and grandchildren and mend broken bridges.... breathe enjoy life ups and downs... understand me . ... yes I'm very lonely because I want the right person to come in my life soooo I'm not rushing into relationships anymore and accept jus living me.... now I'm jus trying to help those thats like me jus so they can see the blessing not the curse of having a colostomy

 MZ.DEVINE, Woman 45  Houston Texas


Is it jus me or does everyone have a trust issue when it comes to allowing someone to know about your colostomy.... well im not jus going to tell someone the weakest part of my life without them showing their worthy....I'm jus saying I would like them to know that this doesn't stop who I am ...I jus have to be more careful and super clean .... well I'm not going to give up hope on finding real love because its going to take a real man to love me anyway cuz im a handful ... I'm not going to allow.this obstacle to shut me down and make me another statistic for people to tally up as collateral damage hell...I didnt ask to be like this and im pretty sure its alot of people who can relate...look guys live your life and don't make this an handicap. Besides we live in the time of technology make it work for you