Been a while

Hi Folks, well summer is over, can’t even believe it’s already October? I hope you are all well, I’m still feeling good from the last surgery in May so that’s great!! Have an appt this week to discuss the complete Hysterectomy, I say “take it out” especially if theirs a hole in my uterus and I can’t conceive anyways, Just get it done! Do you ever feel frustrated with our health care! I DO LOL. I swear they take their sweet time, even though I feel good presently I still want things done, I would like to eventually go back to work, I know, that sounds crazy but it’s been over a year and I’m getting bored lol. I do have a 3.5 year old that keeps me busy but it’s a different busy, I’m a nurse and miss it, BUT I also recognize that this time off has been for healing, truly grateful for that. I’m finding that I still struggle with my insecurities of self image, trying to work on that but sometimes this world can be cruel, people can be cruel, the nicer you are, the more your taken advantage of, I just sum that up to “ their loss “ but it’s still hard. Well wishing all you OstoMates the best of luck and just know your not alone even if you feel you are!!