Just wanted to introduce myself to everyone. My name is JR and my stoma's name is Phred. I live in South Florida and I'm interested in meeting women with an ileostomy. What do we do if we ever meet in person? Do we flash our bags like we are cops showing our badges? Is there a secret handshake? Or just smile knowing we can poop anywhere while normal people have to sit and wait. A little about me... I spend most of my time hurting unfortunately my joint pain has me unable to work until hopefully medical Marijuana becomes legal. I have had a total proctocolectomy which means I had my anus removed because Phred is here to stay. I also have diabetes and diabetic neuropathy. I'm a mess but I still love like my girl is the only one in the World. When ever I get a girlfriend Anyways. It's very nice to meet you all and I wish you all good health if that's possible. ☺✌