Does anyone attend any Stoma Support groups?

Does anyone attend any Stoma Support groups?

I attended my first one this week after months of feeling too anxious to go. But a huge thanks to Elliot for coming with me! I found it interesting so a thank you to the organisers, Tracey & Helen at MOGS.

We are not alone with our daily struggles, pain, discomfort, adversities and general life difficulties. Some people have it worse than others and everyone copes differently. Some have a myriad of daily problems, health and non-health related.

I have come to realise that communication really, really helps. Don’t hide and lock yourself away from family and friends. Don’t shy away from making new friends. You only fuel your anxiety and heighten depression.

You will find you are not alone and there is strength in numbers. Human’s are social animals. Our success was built on that fact. Unite, support and encourage one another. You will find yourself cracking a smile that day despite only hours ago your Stoma was over active during a bag change and took 20 mins longer, making you late out of the door, frustrated and angry.

Strengthen your mind. Strengthen your body. And your Confidence will follow. Trust me it works.

We only have one life. Make it count!

Ayhan Isik
Colitis; Don't fail because of it, Succeed Despite It
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 Lifeisforliving, Woman 54  Brighton East Sussex

Fab post, I only had my ileostomy for 8 months, but during that time I was in hospital as sepsis shock made me paralyzed for 4 months, the journey of acceptance that the bag saved my life was the easy part for me, it was the challenges of being totally rehabilitated believe me there were times when I thought I would never walk, talk or eat again, the emotional rollercoaster was so hard, but pushing through and realising I can do this, I can get my life back. ❤

 Goodvibz, Woman 38  Newquay Cornwall

Great post and great words of wisdom babe. It will inspire many, and resonate with alot im sure. It takes courage and strength to have even opened up on OD. I know you will definitely reach many people and in turn make a difference to someone who has felt the same. Very kind and thoughtful. I want to say a big personal thankyou to Elliot Grin you really helped Ayhan and for that im thankful. Xxx