How are we all coping with the lockdown I know quite a few of you may still be working but for me I’m not well at least it’s given me time to reflect get jobs done around the house never knew I had so much rubbish but then again can’t take it to the tip As they are not open I’m not a great range of books but I’m sure I’ll start of the second one that’s a first for me I am missionary football season ticket holder, don’t know when they will finish the season .Never use Facebook as much playing games and watching a lot of stuff on Netflix cannot wait to get back to work though as I as I drive all over the country picking cars up and delivering to garages and private homes hope you’re all keeping well

 LouiseRobbins, Woman 31  Exeter Devon

Thought you have plenty to do, on here I mean admin!

 AdminOD, Woman 36  Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire

Yeah....... Its like I run out of jobs to do lol Grin