I wanted to blog about prednisone, the best drug ever for flare ups if you have UC or Crohns, the deadliest drug ever, long term side effects. I was on this drug for close to 8 years, the weight it puts on is incredible depending on your dosage of course. I was always a slender teen and when my doctor started me on it i put on 30 pounds. Keep in mind though when your weened off prednisone you lose all that extra looking weight. Furthermore, after surgery over the course of 8+ years my hearing started to go, i developed allergies, my joints were painful, kidney issues, i could go on. Ive been off that little white pill since 1988, and now left with all these nasty side effects. I guessed they figured living with Crohns/UC was not enough, the added burden of health issues to follow would be worse. I dont totally condemn the drug, if taken in small doses its fine and will do the job, ...anything longer then that there may be problems. They are more advanced today then in 1980 when i was diagnosed, heck they werent even sure what Crohns was. Thankfully the newer drugs work better then prednisone, and with less symptoms, less chance of surgery. However, every individual is different.

 ddesignz, Woman 61  Ottawa Ontario

Yes they do in some cases, most people that i know will not take it because its a steroid. I was not aware either, the doctors dont tell you anything about long term effects.

 varun, Man 34  Southampton Hampshire

If it makes u feel any better , they still prescribe prednisolone, I was on it for 3 years on and off and suffered with anxiety and depression, I was not aware of any of the side effects untill I stopped the meds and went on for biological options.....