Hi there , Magoo again .

Maybe I should have been clear in my last post that there was another shoe to drop in my happy story.

To be absolutely clear I have no regrets about my wonderful , romantic , once in a lifetime experience . It was a totally new experience for me to be loved so deeply by a woman . Our sexual experiences would make me blush . When both people have a bag ( Ileostomy) it makes the process so easy and soooo much fun . One night we both woke up at exactly the same moment , sat up and simultaneously saying ...." Oh..Oh ...leak ..." We just looked at each other in the 4AM moonlight and started laughing . Being a perfect gentleman I grabbed a handy towel and gave it to my Lady , "ladies first .." I said as I checked my own tee shirt to see how bad it was. About a half hour later we were hopping back into bed , still giggling and laughing . Since we were both awake and feeling pretty lively we did the obvious !!!! I kissed her lovely lips and got those knickers off lol....after that it's all a sweaty , wet and sticky blur of pleasure for both of us. Everything felt so natural for both of us, no guessing what the other wanted , no embarrassment when a bag got in the way , just giggles and fun. There are these "Bellyband" type things , like the bottom half of a tight Tshirt that sort of holds the baggie against the belly so it doesn't just flop around like a smelly dead fish stuck to your belly . The main thing is to empty your baggie when your pulse starts racing , hit the pause button before you get to excited because at that point neither one will want to stop and just go for it . The worst thing that can happen is ( obviously) to have a leak when you are both tangled up in sweaty , heaving pile of naked flesh !! This worst case scenario never happened with us so we were very lucky but also quite careful .

Positions that reduce your risk of disaster are easy and fun to achieve . Ladies fave....probably for most ladies , Reverse Cowgirl , facing away , towards the man's feet is one of the least risky positions. The lady can be as easy or as rough as she desires without the risk of sitting on your "Mister Stinky " in the heat of the moment....the man just lays there and gives up control to his Lover. When your lady wants to give control to her "beast with the one eye" then Let the Dog Out .lol . Doggy Style is Soooo much fun and you can give your lady a lovely sweaty back massage while you delve deep into your work with Beastie , that was our name for my One Eyed Beast lol. Doggy Style is so satisfying as your lover is on her knees , resting her face on a soft pillow and can look back and give her man encouragement , go deeper, slow down , go faster, slower . You must be attentive to your lovely lady's desires and requirements . I am a respectable 7 and thick but sometimes half way inside is quite enough. Medications can make her delicate parts quite dry so she should guide how deep you go . Either way just use lots of lube, just be attentive always . While kneeling behind your lady you can tape your ( hopefully empty ) baggie to your belly and keep it lifted above the action, don't allow the baggy to get jammed between your thigh and the Lady's butt cheek , disaster may ensue !! For myself I Love Doggie Style .

In writing the piece above I simply wanted to emphasize that you can have a wonderful sex life while you have a baggie stuck to your belly and it's even better and more fun if you both have one . You can laugh and joke about your bag Farts and be thankful that you catch them in a plastic baggie !! Neither person has to wonder if the the other secretly hates and fears the Bag or how long will it be before he/ she gets fed up with having to deal with your Baggage ,

Now I must tell you the saddest and most heartbreaking part of my tale . I flew to Ireland at the end of January last year with a return ticker for June . I was working on my house and preparing for a six month stay with my Lady and her teenage Son and Daughter. Flights were cancelled and travel became difficult and dangerous. Long story short it was October before I got back to California. I stayed under quarantine for two weeks which became 20 days because of a Mystery rash I developed.

I was to rejoin my Lovely Lady on Sunday , Saturday evening we had a 45 minute video call ( I was about 2 1/2 hours away ) and talked about a house she wanted me to see which she thought about buying . We had a lovely chat and said Love you with a promise of a call before bedtime.

Ten minutes after we hung up her young son called back screaming that she had a pain and was unconscious and 911 had been called.

My world came to a crashing halt , as if the ground fell away under my feet when her Sister and only Sibling called to tell me that my Lovely Kitty was gone . I had taken her to the hospital several times to have Potassium Infusions ( Short Bowel ) and I assumed it was a potassium driven crisis but I never , in my wildest nightmares would have thought it could be something fatal . My sweet Kitty had a massive heart attack due to a blood clot that reached her heart. It seems that there was little chance of survival following such a massive event . It has taken me three months to be able to even think about this without losing it . I've cried so much that my vision is blurry . I've written about this on an Ostomy site where I have many internet friends , I've been able to share my horror and my sense of loss . Kitty's two children have lost their Mom and Best friend , her Sister has lost her only Sibling and best friend in this world . My dear sweet Kitty has lost all the years she would have had with her family , with me . We were planning on living between Cal and Ireland from this year on . We had planned to spend the first six months of this year in my remodeled house in Ireland.

The whole point of writing this and conveying this sad and terrible tale is to say that I would do it all again . We had almost three years of Love and affection , of traveling and enjoying each other , enjoying a wonderful , heart felt Love life. I used to stay awake at night just to feel her naked flesh stuck to my sweaty belly as I cuddled up and spooned behind her in bed . She liked her nightshirt but I stripped it off as often as she would allow and kick off my tight sexy knickers I bought just to tease her and make her smile . In Australia they call them "Budgie Smugglers " and she used to warn me that the "Budgie " was a bit big for his cage and was trying to escape lol ...whenever she was near me . We had so much fun in bed and that is something that brings a little smile to my lips , even when I'm crying and my heart is in total despair . Kitty would want me to remember all our good times and smile when I think of her .

Have to stop here , getting to be too much ....