Overcoming loss and one foot n front of the other .

Hi there , I hope my blog contribution has not been too depressing . It has been a terrible experience fo me ( all of us ) but I meant it to be a " cautionary tale" . Whatever degree of happiness you may have achieved do not take it for granted . Live every day as if it is your last day or your last day of Bliss . squeeze out every bit of joy , happiness out of life . As always in these situations there is so much I want to tell the one I Love , things I should have said and done for my Sweetie. I always told her that I loved her body , told her she was beautiful . I told her that I needed her and only her , I needed nobody else to make me happy . . I told her that I loved her weirdly long toe ..lol.. and then kissed that toe . I told her I loved the weird scar on her lovely belly and kissed it . I did not commit too early in our relationship . I didn't want to have all my happiness depending on one person , I guess I was afraid at first . I did tell my sweet Kitty that I love her and wanted to grow old with her ....and her two kiddies . I wanted us to have wheelchair races in the hallway of our nursing home when I hit 90 and she hit 80 . Her birthday is Aug 18th and mine is Aug 7th . She was born in 65 , me 56 .
The lock to my heart no longer has a key but I am so happy that we met on this site , Ostodate , you guys brought us together and it is only fitting that I should write about Kitty on this site .
We were so to have found found each other so late in life and so unlucky that we had only 3 years to squeeze a whole lifetime into ...we did exactly that .
Better to have loved and lost than never have loved or been loved by your Dreamgirl . I fell in love with an Angel and if there is a place ( Heaven ? ) that we , the good ones at least , end up in a good place ? Who knows , I can't tell anyone to believe , damn I have no idea what to believe . I can only hope that all that goodness and kindness and love that filled her every day still exists in the Universe . Her good deeds and her two sweet children are left even if Kitty is no longer with us .
I would love to chat about life and love and our dreams if there is a like minded soul . There is only one Kitty but she would not want to see me depressed and talking to myself like an idiot , she would rather I talk to You....whoever You are ??? Kitty guideded me to a better , happier existance .
Love Y'all ....Eamon in Rainy Marin County , Cal .