I’ve been to a wedding this week, but I haven’t been to a wedding this week. Let me explain. My niece got married on Sunday at the third time of asking because of Covid cancellations. Originally, there were supposed to be about 90 people, but with restrictions being lifted, the happy couple were allowed 30 and had to disinvite around 60.....of which, despite being an uncle, I was one. However, a week away was made of it and I was invited to come along. My brother felt terrible that I couldn’t attend the wedding and kept apologising, despite me telling him there was nothing he could do, and I was just pleased that my niece could finally get married. I did see a lot of them so, that wasn’t too bad and it has been nice where we have stayed especially as the weather has been amazing. I’ve even got a sun-burnt nose. My whole point though is that I was both relieved and disappointed about not going. I’ve had my ileostomy a gazillion years, but it has still made me awkward around people who don’t know me. I’ve travelled round the world alone, lived and worked abroad, done jobs I was told I could never do, yet a room full of relative strangers still gives me the willies. I’m not an anti social person.....every job I have done has been customer relations or training others and I’m fully confident in those situations, but socially, I am a wreck, even though 95% of those people at the wedding I would never have seen again. Is it me even after having a bag for 32 years? Anyone else? Oh.....and thanks for reading.