Just another day in paradise

Well, been a bit since my last blog, feeling numb, frustrated, questioning my purpose in life!. I sat in the Drs office last week waiting for the results of my latest CT scan on my pelvic region not ready to hear what they had to say. The reason why my last surgery on my bumm was a complete fail, why all the healing fell apart was due to increased drainage, drainage that we felt would be stopped when all the sinus tracks in my bottom were removed, WRONG, CT showed my pelvic region is full of puss pockets!! WHAT?? As I broke down crying the Dr says, “ I’m sorry Kristen, this is unfair, HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN???

Soo, he goes on to say that the only way to treat this is to once again cut me open abdominally, move my organs to get to my pelvic area and wash it out, than apply antibiotic paste inside the area and hope for the best! WTF. I gathered enough courage, said, “ ok”, let’s do it cause I’m tired of living like this, papers were signed and now I sit here at home patiently waiting for the phone to ring with a surgery date.