12 hour countdown

Well, in 12 hours I’ll be back in the hospital having another major surgery, nothing really prepares you for these moments, no amount of time leading to the moment, no amount of tears shed, no amount of support, this all helps but the emotions and thoughts that race through your head is such a rollercoaster, I still can’t believe that I’m actually having this surgery, I still feel very surreal about it, I know I need it but can’t believe it. The hardest part is being a single mom and having to leave my daughter with family, I’m grateful for my family but it breaks my heart being away from her again for so long, she has been through so much and has seen so much in her short 3 years!


Hey Gabby,
I hope the surgery went well
Hope you are ok
Rob Smile


Best of luck Gabby. Please let us know how it goes?

Our thoughts are with you x