We have received a lot of emails from members who cannot read or send messages as they are unable to subscribe.

Why can’t I subscribe?
This is because we are switching payment vendors and are awaiting for their compliance team to inspect our site. This will make subscriptions and life easier much easier for everyone.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept new subscriptions without their approval. This means you may have sent new messages awaiting replies or may want to read and reply to one’s being received.

Free messaging for the next few days!
For this reason, we have made messaging free for the next few days while awaiting the approval from the compliance team.

WARNING! Do not spam people with your email or contact information as this will get you banned!

What about existing VIP subscriptions?
Fear not, you will still be a full VIP member until your subscription expires. However, your automatic re-billing will be cancelled for your current subscription. This means after your VIP membership expires, you will have to re subscribe to use our service.

Who is the New Vendors?
We are centralising the way we receive subscription by using CCBill. We have been using CCBill since 2017 on our other websites. CCBill is a reputable company with decades of history as a payment vendor renounced for their security, customer service and support.