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Lonely ostomate.
Having been an ostomate for 3 years, a mother for 19 years and a wife for 5 years, my life has become stale, lonely and very depressing. I'm a loving, friendly person, in need of a friend or 2 that understands the state my life has become.
I'm not after sympathy or a 'there there'. Just some fun, laughs, and understanding.

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emmalcox posted on Janeal's wall:

Hey lovely.. I've 16 weeks ago just had the mesh out in to fix a hernia for the 3rd time. Been left fighting anaemia at crisis point, and sepsis in the wound. It won't heal no matter what I do, and the pain is unreal. Even trying cbd oil to see if that helps it does to some degree. I know how you are feeling. My docs are considering moving my stoma to the other side, could you maybe ask for that?? Here anytime if you want to chat!! Laters E


Emma.. regarding wound healing.. I believe L-Lysine really does wonders.. Its an amino acid found in food like chicken etc.
You can readily get L-Lysine in most health shops like Holland and Barrett or online Amazon etc.
DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor so the above is just my belief.. You may wish to do your own research and of course...You must talk to your Doctor L-Lysine in case it counteracts some medication you may be on or soemthing.

emmalcox posted:

Yesterday had the bad news the surgery had failed. kinda knew that anyways Sepsis, anaemia at crisis point.. Never healed. So the stoma will be moved to other side, it terrifies me. The level of pain I went through on the last surgery, and the pain im still in is awful. But on a good note, I get to send my middle son off the Europe for the summer before he goes to uni, proud mama moment that I created a young man im so proud off, and proud to be his mum.
Laters E x

emmalcox posted:

I wonder who wrote the phrase "when life throws you lemons, make lemonade" I bet that person never had lemons thrown at them, and certainly never made some lemonade with them!!!
So had that phrase in my head today..


lol.. very deep Emma.. Smile

kalypto posted on emmalcox's wall:

Welcome back, you look just delightful and lovely, things will work out!


Thank you kalypto what a lovely comment.. It's good to be back!!

emmalcox posted:

Not been on for quite a while as was back in hospital. Further surgery led to sepsis, and severe anemia very scarey, painful time. So havnt been ignoring anyone I promise. A long road ahead of me again, but done it several times before so will do it again.
Peace, love and laughter
E x