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Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
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Written below is my story of my UC and surgery, If you do not wish to read through it all scroll to the (TLDR).

I was diagnosed with UC 4 years ago, I tried all medications, diet change, holistic methods and nothing ended up working. Through out the 4 years every summer toward the end I would get inflamed (flares) and this time it was the breaking point. I was very ill and in November I was emitted to the hospital where I was told by a specialist my colon was covered in ulcers, he said "I take care of roughly 250 patients and out of all of them you have the worst off colon I have ever seen."

My options were either to try Remicade which I was told has a success rate of 40% with me due to how sick I was, or surgery, so I decided to do the surgery. Well let me tell you the first surgery went well, they took out my colon entirely (besides one small piece). The plan is to have the J pouch surgery in a year or two, however the struggle did not end there. After my first surgery, I was having a sleep a bit after family visiting and I awoke to being covered in blood, apparently I needed to be restitched, that part was a nightmare I did not like seeing that! But the nurses were very good and the surgeon came right up and stitched me up. After that about a week later I was sent home for recovery, and once again the struggle did not end there..

After being home for roughly 4-5 days one morning I noticed a sharp pain where my stoma is, but it went away afterward and I was not concerned. As the day went on I noticed nothing was coming out (this was 4-5 hours later) and normally I had stuff coming out every 2 hoursish at least due to it being quite new still. As the day went on, the pain grew more and more and that night I went back to the ER, they gave me pain killers, did an X ray which didn't show blockage but I was told to be on a 24 hour liquid diet till something (hopefully) passes. Well nothing passed, only more pain to the point where I couldn't move. After 4 more hospital visits and the last one me throwing up, they finally emitted me again and went for a ct scan. The ct scan didn't show anything and my surgeon said once again 2 options, it sounded like a bowel leak, so either medication to "hopefully" plug it or surgery again, so sure enough, I was opened up again in under a week of being out of there.

WELL, guess what they found, my bowel was twisted shut and I had 2 Liters of "waste" backed up in my stomach, however NO INFECTION!! I was told I was VERY lucky, another day and I could have had organ failure and who knows what else. So after another week of being in there (end of November) I was released.

(TLDR): Now today its been a month since that whole surgery experience and honestly I don't mind having the bag at all, I've gotten use to everything for the most part, recovery is going well, coming out of the hospital I weighed 130 pounds and now I am at 160, I am very happy to have my life back, the 4 years of having UC I was trapped, always scared, couldn't eat much of anything but now I feel like I have my life back.

I am looking forward to just about anything and everything, I'm just glad to be out of there and now looking to meet some people and have fun!