If your suffering so much u cant think straight, Death is the one and only catalyst to be empowered from. Leave environments of shortsighted compassion or they will own your potential, If unable harsh truths will still humble n even humor you. This description is for those who feel things others cant or wont..

In 2012 i was told severe Crohns = weekly needles n daily pills for life, Tried specialists advice fer couple years then went rouge after reflection & observation tasted a can o worms under the rug. 10 years of chaotic challenges, To say the least, And the chronic part is gone. What i know can be applied to anyone, Being able to articulate meaning from memories is my hobby, Which could become debating and expanding relevant topics. Shortsighted emotions are welcome but belong painting the bigger picture on our canvas of chaos. Expressing yourself and repititious acting for a reliable reward seem the same to a new shoulder, Often its just the old ones waiting on us.

When time is money the ol Rinse n Repeat crafts spelling like "Self-Improvement", which sounds magically marketable compared to a slow release medicine. Examples:"Selfish Monetary Agenda". "We fund the exploitation of our own species". Selfless-Improvement could makes us all masters of our own medicine. Yet our profitable systems of relief share co-dependent placebos & perscribe big farm-a-us meds to treat side AFFECTS!

As long as children play while their potential disapears we all have someone worse off then us, Helping others turns hardship into privledge. We feel things words will never explain properly, All we can do is make time and knowledge free as what matters should be. Likes and compliments are nothing compared to breaking the echo chambers of dellusion or pulling a stranger from their creative rabbit hole. If nothing else question shaming can be a rewarding tool for anyone. Robotic Ritualism or Holisitc Human? IQ's profitable wit or EQ's chivalrous grit? Copy Facetime Hell Pasted or a Sloppy spacetime well tasted? Debate Me or Berate Me ?