OstoDate is proud to be an ethical service and boasts an excellent reputation amongst the online Ostomy community for honesty and fairness by bringing main stream style dating site and business practices to the Ostomate World.

  • No Fake Messages
    We do not send fake messages by bots from fake accounts trying to lure you into a paid subscription. We do not employ people paid or unpaid to try and entice anyone to become a subscriber.
  • No Fake Profiles
    As with most reputable sites, we started off by offering an incentive for members to join. In most cases during the early years of the site, we offered some members lifetime or limited period VIP membership to join. This built up the numbers of active members and profiles created by genuine interested people. We even today have Legacy members who login and are quite active from over many years a go. Any profiles we create for testing purposes are marked as so and are deleted after use.
  • No Spam
    The only emails you will receive from us will be related to your account or our service. We will never share your email or details with anyone and once your account is deleted, you will receive one more email to confirm your account deletion and remind you to cancel any VIP Subscription you may have.
  • Activity
    We prioritise search results, lists and potential matches by the most active members. Wasting your time showing you profiles of inactive members at the top of lists is counter productive. We want to have you chatting with other like minded members and what could be better than immediately striking up a great conversation with someone recently logged in.
  • Easy Subscription Cancelation
    Once you cancel your subscription, you will not be re-billed.

Did you know?
By employing a responsible self service subscription via PayPal, OstoDate allows all subscribers the power to cancel their own subscription so they will not be re-billed unintentionally.

As an extra precaution, to prevent unintentional billing, when an account is deleted, users will also receive an email to confirm account deletion, with a reminder and link to the subscription cancellation page.

Subscription Cancellation Help:
Learn how to easily cancel your subscription by clicking here (opens new window).

In the interest of openness, the above cancellation information and link is also displayed on the OstoDate subscription page and help page amongst other places.