At OstoDate we care about your safety and privacy. With the OstoDate Web App, you can now have a standalone app that will alert you and you will enjoy a faster response, faster loading site and with notifications directly on your mobile phone each time you receive a message or are added to friends, favourites etc. Setting one up on your phone is fun, really simple and best of all it only takes three clicks.

Are Web Apps Safer than Normal Apps?

Yes!! A big resounding YES!. Web Apps (PAW aka Progressive Web Apps) are safer than normal Apps and are being used more and more because it gives users better privacy, security, you do not need to use an App Store and is safer and more private than a normal app (called Native App) as it uses your browsers settings"

Let us get you started..

You are just a few clicks away from using your own Web App on your phone. Just follow the simple instructions below and you will be away in seconds.

Step One..

Open the browser on your phone and login to OstoDate. After you login tap the "share" button in your phone's browser as shown in the image below.

Step Two..

After clicking the "Share" button, you will now be presented with several options. Simply Tap ‘Add to Home Screen" and then confirm (some phones/devices may vary the wording "Add to Home Screen").

Step Three..

You now have the OstoDate web app on your phone for a faster and more responsive experience.


One more thing to do. When you login to your web app, please click the Bell Icon (see below image) so you will receive alerts when someone has messaged you.

Congratulations, you now have your very OstoDate Web App. Enjoy!

Please note: Web apps may not work on some older phones/mobile devices. Always update your phone's software.