Ostomy and Crohn's Dating in Cork, Cork - kaymarin

Cork, Cork, Ireland
In my own words:

am a gentle, sincere, considerate, affectionate,loving,easy going,free expression, non-smoker who loves female companionship.I am a season mariner.I have a grown up daughter.
When and if we come to terms and you agree to trust me, I'll totally control you like my ship. And I realize that trust is something earned, not taken -- at least not in this society and today's world. Therefore, this is something which you must want and desire with all your heart. Something you've been thinking about for a long time and hoping for. It's just that the right captain hasn't come along.I like to make money and spend it on travel, fine dining, luggage, clothes I wear in. I am a high maintenance sea captain who likes day spas and I want to dress you up and take you places