What images you post on the internet is very important and can have all sorts of ramifications and this is by no means any less important on OstoDate (OD).

Your images are part of what makes OstoDate so great and it not only represents the type of person you are, but the type of service we operate. We therefore have in place the following guidelines;

(a) No illegal activity or the condoning of.

(b) No memes

(c) Images of body parts must contain clothing or some sort.

(d) Images must not contain frontal below waist nudity - not even partial or through see through clothing.

(e) Individuals in the photo must give you full consent before posting the image.

(f) Strictly no pornographic poses/content in public areas of the Site.

(g) Images must not contain contact information or communication (even if cryptic).

(h) No copyrighted images.

(i) No third party website url, advertisement or name on images.

(j) Profile photos must be recent and contain you.

(k) No gruesome images or images depicting violence, violent gestures.

(l) No racist, political or hate imagery.

(m) No Spam or advertising.

If and image you have uploaded violates our Image Standards, please use the button below now to make amendments asap.

Edit/Upload Profile Photo

What to do if you spot any Violations
Our moderators work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep content to OstoDate standards. However our moderators are only human and it is not impossible to miss some violations.

Should you come across any violations, please help us by using the report link found next to the content in question and provide us with as much detail as possible. We will take the necessary action.

Please note that your report will be anonymous and we never reveal the source of any reported violations made to us.

Violations Against Image Standards:
We take violations against our image standards very seriously and reserve the right to terminate or suspend any account immediately and without warning.

This document was last updated on July 26, 2021

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