Your images are part of what makes OstoDate so great and it not only represents the type of person you are, but the type of service we operate. We therefore have we have in place the following guidelines;

(a) No depiction of criminal activity or drug use.

(b) No profile images of anyone who is or appears to be under the age of 18, no matter how innocent the image may be.*

(c) Images of body parts must contain clothing or some sort.

(d) Images must not contain frontal below waist nudity - not even partial or through see through clothing.

(e) Persons in the photo must give you full consent to be posted to post the image.

(f) Strictly no pornographic poses/posts in public areas of the Site.

(g) Images must not contain contact information (even if cryptic).

(h) No copyrighted images.

(i) No third party website url, advertisement or name on images.

(j) Profile photos must be recent and contain you.

(k) No gruesome images or images depicting violence, violent gestures.

(l) No racist, political or hate imagery.

(m) No memes.

*For persons who in our honest judgement appear to be under 18 years of age, we may ask you for a copy of a government issued ID document such as a passport or driving license to establish proof proof of age. We would also ask you to blank out certain sensitive parts of the document so it is not visible to us.

Violations Against Image Standards:
We take violations against our image standards very seriously and reserve the right to terminate or suspend any account immediately upon uploading nudity.

If your profile image violates our Image Standards, please use the button below to make amendmants.

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