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Hartford, New York, United States
In my own words:

Hi, I'm Jim!! I'm 46 yrs old,I have a colostomy!! I've had a very rare skin condition since the age of 11,as I got older,condition got worse !! As a result of numerous surgeries, they finally had to remove my rectum, which is why I have a colostomy!! I'm not gonna say its been easy,but sometimes life throws curve balls! Some more than others!! Dating hasn't been easy for me because I always have the fear that I won't be accepted!! I've tried regular dating sites,but no luck!! Those sites give you a complex!! You start to wonder what's wrong with me??jamagri at snet dot netI'm also into tattoos,and I can't get over the negativity I've received on other sites!! They don't say who I am as a person! Too many people judge,without knowing the person! Sorry,I now this is too long!! Anyway,I'm hoping to have better luck here, on this site!!? I won't have to wonder if I'll be accepted! So it would be nice to meet some,who can relate