Ostomy and Crohn's Dating in Apalachin, New York - nepa641

Apalachin, New York, United States
In my own words:

I'm 25, have an established career and am looking for someone to settle down with. I mtn bike, hike, fish, geocache, Jeep and can usually fix just about anything that breaks, like MacGyver but without the mullet. :p A couple of years ago I went out west to find myself and I guess I did because I came back. I'll forever miss the awesome sunsets and the cool mountain air. I grew up on a lake where I learned to sail, one of these days that boat will fixed up and sailing again but I'll need someone to sail it with. If you hopped in my car you'd find the radio dialed into a country station, a half tank of fuel and an 'emergency' monster drink stashed under the seat.

God is important in my life and I believe Jesus will be back one of these days.