What is a Colostomy?
A surgically created opening of the colon and is called a stoma. A colostomy is made when a part of the colon or rectum is removed and the part left of the colon is brought to the abdominal wall.

What is a Temporary Colostomy?
Allows the lower part of the colon to rest or heal up. It can have one or two openings (if there is two, one will discharge only mucus).

What is a Permenant Colostomy?
This usually involves the loss of a part of the colon, usually the rectum. The end of the portion left of the colon is brought out through the stoma.

What is a Stoma?
A stoma is an abdomen opening made surgically that can connected either your urinary or digestive system to permit waste (faeces or urine) to be expelled out of your body. It looks rather like a small circular piece of flesh attached to your body.It may protrude out or lie flat. Over the top of your stoma a pouch is worn. Due to your stoma not having any nerve endings, you should not be feeling any pain.