United States
In my own words:

Well let's see............I'm a dead ringer for Brad Pitt and have more money than I can count. Ok that's pure BS, but my looks and finances aren't important........I'm not looking for a mate, I just want to talk to some folks who've had an ostomy long enough not to be newbies. I want to know the in's and outs and the "tricks of the trade" to make my life more enjoyable with this stupid bag of poop stuck to my waist.

I looked at a lot of profiles to see who just wants to chat, and it looks like most don't. I know those of you who are looking hard for your perfect someone don't want to waste your time talking to someone like me......but if you're here for info and to make friends with folks that have the same issues as yourself......drop me a line to let me know we can chat. I really don't want to waste anyone's time.

Thanks, and I look forward to talking to you.