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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
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6' 0" 
Light brown 
Caucasian (white) 
Arts, Community service, Dancing, Family, Listening to music, Movies, Photography, Reading, Religion, Television, Watching sports 
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I'm an ole soul who enjoys all music especially Rock n Roll. I'm passionate about History especially the American Civil War. I was a psychologist for 14 years before Crohns disease took me out of the game. I enjoy sports....walking in the outdoors and just good HONEST communication. Plus Rock concerts ;) I'm very spiritual and family based. I'm divorced with no kids. I like to laugh but enjoy deep conversations. I'm just looking for making new friends :)

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APHILL posted on rwelch86's wall:

So how is your day going my dear friend?? Smile

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So how'd the surgery go cutie?? Smile

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Hey there Smile How long till your reversal?? I had that done many years ago. Unfortunately I was unlucky and had to have a colostomy anyways but it's no big deal. But I remember I hated having the temporary colostomy. I had a calander marking off the days till it was gone. Anyways I'd love to be a pen pal. I like learning new things from different places Smile Your friend Michael Smile

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I truly wish I lived where you do. My colon is a goner too Smile I'll tell you though I'm a lot better without it. Do you happen to have a name for your ostomy yet Wink Hahahahaha sometimes it's a fun thing to do....makes light of something that can bring you down at times. But you definitely seem to have the right attitude. I'm sorry for your past relationship ending. I do believe God whom ever that may be has a plan for us all....especially us gutless warriors Wink Have a great day ~Michael

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LOL estimates secret society.. Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin

Funny handshakes and all that?


Yayyyyyy I got a friend Smile hahahaha. Wink So rwelch86 your a new ostomate Smile How you feeling...how's it going so far?? What led to you jpining the ostomates secret society hahahahs Smile I've had mine for about 4 years so any questions fire away Smile

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Hey JessyLove. I would really enjoy talking to you. I havent dated in years. You seem like a very sweet kind person. I just would like a good conversation and see where life goes. Smile My name is Michael.

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I truly hope you still check this site. I'm just WOWED!! Smile

APHILL posted on patlong's wall:

OH I LIKE YOU!!! Right on!!! Thank God there are others out there like you!!! I believe completely in Honor Faith and Love. I'm true to form of what an ole Southern Gentleman use to be. WOW I'm sorry I'm just so impressed with what you wrote!! My name is Michael.


I'd be honored if you'd like to talk sometime Smile

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Oh God the bloating. God Bless you cause I know how that goes. You hang tough love. Smile Your friend ~ Mikey

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Hey Arenea Smile So what kind of music do you listen to on your drives. I do the same kind of thing Smile My name is Mikey. I from Pittsburgh Pa. I've never been to Utah....what's the hiking and camping like?? Okay hope your having a great day Smile

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I'm sorry im.not from your country...but just wanted to say Hi. I'm actually about to go take my daily walk by a man made lake near me....I'd invite ya....so let's just say your with me in spirit Wink My names Mikey by the way. Hope your having a great day Smile

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Love your name. Wow 5 children that's amazing!! Yeah I was married for 13 years and boy my life changed entirely in a matter of 15mins. So you do you Smile

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I love your motto there!!!! I agree whole heartedly. That's why I feel where here on this earth....to love...share love and be loved. I too am an open book...never keep secrets always hold true to the gentlemanship code of honor. Honesty is the ONLY way to live. Oh well I bored you long enough Wink Just wanted to say Hi. My name is Mikey.