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Orlando, Oklahoma, United States
In my own words:

Words of Wisdom...Do NOT judge a book by its cover...that being said....Here goes....YES, I am Really A WiTcH...Let's get that out of the way straight out...No, I am not a good WiTcH nor a bad WiTcH....I believe it's all just shades of grey...I follow the ideology of "In All That You Do, Harm None" Yes, I am a Pagan....No, I do NOT worship The Devil (How can I worship something that I do NOT believe exists)...nor do I gather with groups of other women under a full moon dancing skyclad followed by hours of sorted sexual encounters with said sisters of the if that is your conception of us WiTcHes....move along...Our ways are that of Nature....The Elementals...similar to that of thee American Indian tribes, yet, stemming from an Olde World European state of mind...

What I am doing with my life....LIVING IT!! unlike so many that just talk about living life....I love music...and I am one of the station managers at an internet radio station...I have my own r

Ostomy and Crohn's Dating in Orlando, Oklahoma - DebThEEWiTcH

Woman in Orlando, Oklahoma - OstoDate