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Hi there,
My names is Chelsea, I'm 26 and I have been single for about a year now after a 5 year relationship.
I have two children (girl and boy, 9 & 7) which are my absolute world.

I had my entire colon removed in October 16 so I'm very new to having my ileostomy.
I'm very adventurous and like to live everyday as if it's my last, I like trying new things and being spontaneous !!

I'm a bubbly (little bit sappy) fiery girl, I stand up for what I believe in and I am always honest.

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APHILL posted on NoColonStillRolling's wall:

I truly wish I lived where you do. My colon is a goner too Smile I'll tell you though I'm a lot better without it. Do you happen to have a name for your ostomy yet Wink Hahahahaha sometimes it's a fun thing to do....makes light of something that can bring you down at times. But you definitely seem to have the right attitude. I'm sorry for your past relationship ending. I do believe God whom ever that may be has a plan for us all....especially us gutless warriors Wink Have a great day ~Michael