Baltimore, Maryland, United States
In my own words:

I'm 29, I love sports, camping, hiking, shooting pool, traveling, watching movies, baking and reading. I know how to play 5 instruments I like all types of music but country, oldies and rock are my fave. I have a B.S. degree in criminal justice but I'm currently a nurse at a nursing home. I got diagnosed with Crohns at 8. At 14 had large colon removed due to cancer forming and got a ileostomy. At 16 had ileostomy removed and got a j-pouch. At 27 I got sick again, the cancer came back (third time) and chemo didn't help so in August 2012 I got the j-pouch removed and now I have a permanent ileostomy. You ask how to you overcome or deal with that? Easy those were the cards I was delt so safe to say professional poker player is not the job for me. Humor helps... Hence my motto "no colon and still rolling" . Life is too short to let having a bag hold me back. I hate when people see my bag as a disability because its not I can do everything everyone else without can do.

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