Savannah, Georgia, United States
Body type:
5' 11" 
Hispanic / Latino 
Community service, Cooking, Dining, Gaming, Health / Fitness, Listening to music, Movies, Playing sports, Travel, Watching sports 
In my own words:

Will be single in next few months. I'm a 46 yrs old man with busy schedule and chron's disease since 24 years old. I'm in the process of getting divorced because ever since Med School, my wife and I, whom I deeply care about as a friend, just grew apart. I had to always work, whether sick or not and she, after graduating from college became a stay at home mom with no interest in getting back into work force. I was under the impression that we were always going to be a two income family incase my disease got worse. Being a physician working shifts is stressful and I have had over 40 surgeries over past 20 years . This last surgery last year, which gave me the ileostomy I have now, was a surprise take down of my prior jpouch. I almost died with a post op infection. Now that I'm stronger things are back to the same except I don't feel the same. I feel like I'm back in the hamster wheel and my wife and daughter, while supportive, don't see a need to do anything more than live off of my never ending work. Work is work, wether you are a janitor or a president, but I somehow feel that they think that since I was going to work anyway, they can "coast in life" a little bit (a lot of bit). I used to be an excellent athlete, scratch golfer, spearfishing was a hobby, and was a college basketball point guard. I long for someday being with someone who likes dogs, may or may not have a career but does not expect me to work two jobs to pay for college and vacations, enjoys life, and does not mind me having an ostemy. It's an ambitious list but at this point, I'm not looking for a friend that not understands what we go through, but still has an adventurous spirit to get out there in the world and mix it up. It's the spice of life. Hope all who read are healthy or on their way because there is always a good life to be led, don't settle for things just because they are...