Buckingham, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
In my own words:

Hello! I'm 26 years old and have had ulcerative colitis since I was 16. I've had five operations and currently have an illeostomy.

Anyway, boring stuff over, I've just returned from four years at University, where I've been studying music, and have just finished my Master's. With any luck, now I'll be a freelance composer, producer, and audio engineer for any musical thing that comes along ^^. Obviously, as I'm sure you can tell, music is the main driving force behind my life, and I really feel I want to have a go at doing something I love, rather than wasting the one life I have doing something boring.

I'm a pretty quiet person, and like to have a few close friends rather than a whole entourage of semi-friendly people in my life. I enjoy eating out, going for walks, visiting different countries to absorb a bit of culture, and history (not enough of this in my life at the mo, unfortunately), I like long, deep conversations, idle philosophising, an