Woman in Independence, Oregon - OstoDate

Independence, Oregon, United States
Body type:
5' 9" 
Dark brown 
Caucasian (white) 
Home and family
Marital status:
Single / never married 
Arts, Community service, Cooking, Crafts, Dancing, Family, Gardening, Health / Fitness, Listening to music, Movies, Playing music, Reading, Religion, Travel 
In my own words:

I don't have a vip account, so if you want to talk, message me at michelle.atmatch at yaho o.c om. I am also ThymeTraveler on match.
If you have crohn's but not surgery, I may be able to help you a lot with your own health.
I have 40 food allergies caused by chronic Lyme disease (took 20 years to get a diagnosis). I am in treatment; the journey is long, and I'll never be 100% cured, only in remission. I do not have an ostomy, not crohn's exactly, but I was on and I stuck out like a sore thumb, I didn't belong there, and they probably wouldn't understand me.
My mom and my brother are getting their food allergies cured, so I have a lot of hope, but realistically, I've already been in treatment for 3 years and I'm only a couple notches better. As for YOU, I have learned a lot about the curable causes of crohn's, athletes foot, muscle cramps and more, and I'd love to share that information with anyone.

In the kitchen, you find 10 bowls of porridge. You’re hungry!
You ask yourself, "is she...?"
A. The spontaneous one who wants to play video games, scuba and barhop with you?
B. The makeup lover with a self love deficiency, who loves to shop and really needs your compliments?
C. The feminist who argues for fun, insists on veganism, and finds your chivalry offensive?
D. The one you'll take to a sports game, snapchat and cheeto together?
E. The one who'd reject you if you want to go dutch?
F. The one who voted for a rapist president?
G. The one who wants to trip and kink out with you?
H. The one who hopes to save your soul from the devil...
I. The one who wants you to rescue her from the tower of doom? (Don't forget your armor)
No, none of those.
J. The one who never wears makeup, could discuss societal problems for hours, and can crack an 1000 piece puzzle. She's kind, loyal, resilient and persistent, and she loves to laugh.
She'll stand by you in thick and thin. She'll tell you you're cute, that she's proud of you, she appreciates and respects you. She'll hold you to your own standards and tell you what she wants. She's highly opinionated, but still wants you to lead. She's just the right sized bowl of refreshing, authentic porridge, that both you and your grandma might fall for.
You've probably been looking for her for awhile, because she's great at hide and seek. So for next time, put a map in your pocket: She's always at the quiet corner end of the table, next to a skinny spoon with dainty marks.

She’s old fashioned, she sews patches, and if you open a door for her, she’ll melt. She’d do anything to help a friend, often just listening. But, she might make you a pie, because sometimes, she shows her love through the altruistic giving of deliciousness.

She’d love to watch that documentary or comedy with you! But, she fears growing roots to her screen and couch, so she’d usually rather make a sandcastle or sit at a campfire with you. She values peace, mindfulness and optimism.

Occasionally, she travels back to her past lives..
to 1930s France, where she was a painter, a mother, and a carpenter's wife;
to the war zone, where she nursed the wounded;
to the south, where she hid and fed runaway slaves;
and to the school, where she was the teacher who believed they could overcome adversity.

In spite of health challenges requiring her to be sugar, gluten, and, well, everything-free, she still manages to invent recipes and keep smiling. So if you can’t admire the strength, wisdom and bonds found in suffering, leave. Friends admire her flowers despite the broken fence.

She likes trees.
She was once vegetarian, she once lived in an ecovillage, and she owns a bike.
But, No! She doesn't kayak to work, have a worm compost, or dart outdoors at every possible moment.

She's looking for an honest man, who's easygoing, intellectual and sensitive.
A dear: kind, generous and helpful.
She may be earthy, but it's ok if he's conventional or works at a screen, what matters is that he attempts to recycle. Someone to occasionally adventure with, but mostly a best friend who'll take care of spiders, stick his hand down the disposal, and tease her from time to time.
Gasp, you still love your parents?!
You save money?! You prefer minimal PDA?!
You crack puns AND eggs?!
The best romance is like a sheltering tree, grown from a seed of a slow, solid friendship.

It probably won't work,
If most of your joy is found in excitement, loudness, violence, risks, restaurants, bars, large groups, or hiking every single weekend.
If your libido's uncompromisingly through the roof.
If you're not 23-29, or you're 5'8" or under.
If you have a kid- But if you're sure about her, she'd think about it.
If you'd be annoyed if she's too tired to hike 6 miles; that she can't eat at restaurants; or that she only walks on paths, not through fields.