Chicago, Illinois, United States
In my own words:

I am an African-American Professional who lives and works in Chicago, IL. If you're looking for a stereotype look elewhere. I look like Forest Whitaker, dress like Sidney Poitier, work like Judge Mathis and can sometimes act a fool. I'm a very unique person- A high-school dropout who has a graduate degree from an Ivy League school, listens to Rock rather than Rap and reads everything from the Classics to Comic Books. I have been described as charming,infuriating, funny,impulsive and the embodiment of the Gemini personality-Which me will I be today? Been called a lot of things but "boring" was never on the list. I aspire to be a Gentleman (watched too many old movies as a kid) but those who take this trait as a sign of weakness will be quickly corrected as I grew up in Rough Country and don't mind making a return visit if necessary. Believe in the traditional Male role, I'm not a Caveman (that was my father) but I'm not a "Sensitive Metrosexual&quot

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