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Hayling Island, Hampshire, United Kingdom
Body type:
5' 10" 
White / gray 
Caucasian (white) 
Home and family
Marital status:
Computers / Internet, Crafts, Dining, Health / Fitness, Listening to music, Movies, Television, Travel, Watching sports 
In my own words:

I have had my Ileostomy for 38 years.

My friends say that I'm kind and caring and thoughtful .
I'm a fit, happy, easy going person 5ft 10ins tall and just under 13 stone I'm interested in all things that effect our day to day life political scene, some sports the best of all music, walking the dogs I have just bought a new camper van I'm hoping to explore our lovely country, before I retired I had my own Garage and spent my life repairing cars and doing MOT'S. I have
3 Son and 3 step daughters 2 dogs the kids have all now flown but still got the dogs.
.I detest cruelty to animals or people ..I'm into making things in my workshop. Camping, traveling love to see more of the uk..
I'm not to keen on todays pop music.. but I do love the music that was around in the day such as ==Country, Rock, Pop, Classical, Blues, Folk
some of my favourites === ROD STEWART, JOHNNY CASH,.
The most important thing to me is ===
Being at one with a love one , sharing a life together .chilling out together. my idea of fun is to be with the woman I love.. SIMPLES
It's no fun to be without one
About my ideal match

I'm looking for a caring person someone who shares my values
a home maker, a animal lover ,someone who likes to travel and have days or weeks in the camper van ,someone who like's a cuddle and a kiss from someone who is a bit of a romantic.
the deal breaker would be to find someone to return my love
and affection someone who is kind and ready to compromise
as I would be..


Having had an Ileostomy for nearly 40years I've never thought of it as a disability I've work all my life as a motor mechanic as you know doing mostly manual labour then owning my own Garage which I ran with my wife.

I've just been reading notes about people using too many bags, having leaks ,having to Change equipment daily. and just generally having a bad time of it.I know it not the same for everyone. I thought that I would put a few notes together and hopefully it might help some of you.. I can make a bag and flange last me for 7 days that is with bathing and showering as well and I don't experience any smells or leaks, the secrete is in the type of equipment you use .
I use a two piece system that has a plastic ring were the bag clips on to, before I fit this to my stoma I fit an absorbent sealing ring then I fit the flange and bag you will see that the plastic ring has got loops for a belt the belt is important because it holds it all firmly to the stoma, then I tape all around the flange with Micropore Tape this stops water from eroding the seal..

Here is a list of my equipment..

FLANGE = Convatec Combihesive Natural Stomahesive Ref no S7245
BAG = Convatec Combihesive Natural Stomahesive Ref no S7270 Beige drainable..
CLIPS = Convatec bag clips Ref no S207
BELT = Convatec Surgicare System 2 Ref no S210

SEALING WASHERS = Welland Hyperseal Washers small Ref no HWA400


Don't wear tight clothes over your Bag the Bag needs room to grow as it fill up..
Don't wear a belt that fits over your stoma
just one rule any thing that rubs your stoma or is tight fitting is a no .no..
Don't use Bags with built in drainage clips if you are out and about and you need to empty you won't get them clean and you will end up with a smell ,use bags that have an unrestricted open and separate clip, you will find them much easer to clean with some toilet wipes..

Do's...= Use a two piece system if you can the hard plastic ring with a belt attach will keep the appliance tight to your stoma and give you a good seal,, when fitted a new flange prep your skin with a protective skin film any soreness use Hydrocortisone 1% cream sparingly ..

Fit a sealing washer tight to the stoma it will then expand with moister and form a good seal
When fitting your flange cut the hole so as it's not touching your stoma let the sealing washer fill the gap or else the flange will cut into your stoma and cause you discomfort .
If I think of any thing else I will post it
Best Wishes To You all

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